Before Specimens / Art Publication about fossils  (001) 

Statement ︎︎︎

What part of the fossil do fossil lovers most want to know about? Is it the species of fossils? Or what locations can we excavate fossils, or how did the fossil evolve? I propose that with the support of big data, 60 percent of fossil lovers are curious about how much effort we need to dig such complicated and fragile material.

I love fossils and am just as curious as other enthusiasts about what tools can help humans mine fossils. So, I designed this introduction to fossil tools, which describes the fossil sites in the UK and the types of devices. One of the most interesting conversations was with geologist Chris. To experience and verify the process of fossil extraction, I contacted renowned fossil scientist Chris. He walked me through the process of digging for fossils, showing the fossils he had dug up and collected (the most famous of his finds is now in the Natural History Museum).

This publication conveys information to readers through dialogue with professors, hoping that readers can learn more about fossil tools, etc., and hope that readers who do not know fossils can fall in love with fossils.

Materials ︎︎︎

Print makding / Riso printing / Blue ink / Paper / Thread